About doping

There are rules for sports competition, and athletes must play according to the spirit of fair play.
If players violate the rules during the competition, they would receive guidance from the referee or, depending on cases, be sent off, and thereafter they may be suspended.
On the other hand, rules are set not only during the competition but also outside the competition.
The intake and means of banned substances that may enhance the performance are called doping and doping is regarded as cheating.

In addition, taking banned substances is strictly forbidden from the viewpoint of protecting athletes, as there is a possibility that side effects may lead to health harm to athletes.

About banned substances

Doping prohibited substances are set by the World Anti-Doping Regulation International Prohibited Table by the World Anti-Doping Organization (WADA) and are reviewed and revised every year. With regard to these prohibited substances, there is a danger of taking prohibited substances for various products such as foods, ingredients, supplements, health foods, medicines, drinks etc. Athletes must always pay attention to supplements and meals to eat. However, not all the components of banned substances are listed in the product labels.
Doping examination will be treated as a violation regardless of whether you intentionally ingested or unconsciously ingested. Not all products are inspected by the products of sports brands.
In order not to be a violation by doping, it is necessary to keep knowledge and protect yourself with individuals.
On the other hand, there are many types of prohibited substances and there are limitations to protect yourself because there are many aliases.

About inspection of prohibited substances

The sports brand Asto of WAKASA SEIKATSU will comply with anti-doping for athletes.
Body Recovery is inspected the prohibited substances on the list linked below by the third party institution for each production lot and we confirm that none of them is detected.