The recovery jelly developed for athletes!

First in Japan! Contains 250mg of XSurge that is the new recovery ingredient developed in America,
the most advanced country in sports science. XSurge is a 100% naturally sourced ingredient blended with catechins and theaflavins*2derived from premium tea leaves*1 at their own ratio after years of research and development.
In addition, citric acid, which improves recovery efficiency in the body is also contained. Easy to carry and tasty with a refreshing yuzu flavor.
Please be assumed that BODY RECOVERY was certified Anti-Doping.

*1 the tea leaves rich in nutrient like polyphenol grown in the highlands of South India.
*2 catechins and theaflavins are types of phytochemical. As the seventh nutrient, its importance is indicated in recent years.
XSurge made from tea leaves contains much phytochemical.

Suggested use

Take after training within 30 minutes for the best result.
Chill for better taste.
Bitter taste is from tea-originated XSurge.

Name Refreshing Drink
Ingredients Yuzu juice, Extract from green tea,
Trehalose,Polysaccharide thickener,
essence,citric acid, Sodium citrate
Inner Capacity 45g
Preservation method Please avoid sunlight, freeze and high temperature
calorie 12 kcal, protein 0g, lypid 0g, carbohydrate 3.0g, salt equivalent 0.06g