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What made you start playing baseball?

Since I was a kindergartener, my brother who is 4 years older than me used to play baseball. When I was 6 years old, I went out to play with him and his friends then he asked me if I want to play baseball with them. It was my start of playing baseball.

What is attractiveness of women's professional baseball for you?

One of attraction is each women's professional baseball players is close to our fans who can get to know us even more because of it.
Sometimes we've been said that our play doesn't have power like men's baseball but we hit the homerun and do fine play. Those are other attraction thing.

What is your favorite word?

In my very first world game, I faced the very important situation which the bases were full loaded with no outs. My manager said to me, °»You have to think what kind of situation is and what to do now. It is important to think calmly and do your best. Be calm and passionately!°…
With his words, I could win that game. It has been the best quotes for me since then.

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