Natsumi Inouchi's Profile

What made you start running full marathon?

When I was a student, I used to do the track and field but it has been 7 years since I stopped it after the graduation from school. Now I belong to Kamogawa Partners, which is a club for visually handicapped runners and escort runners in Kyoto, and I used to enjoy running as my hobby.
One day, one of my teammates Shinya Wada, who is the bronze medalist of 5,000 meters competition in the London Paralympics, he said to me, °»How about running full marathon? If you challenge it, you can have the personal best because it°«s the first time for you.°… I thought, °»Oh! It should be my new challenge! I can absolutely have the personal best!°… Then, I started running full marathon.

What is an attractive point of marathon for you?

The time record of full marathon is a result of all what I have made effort. If you train well, you can have a good result, so that is attractive to me.