AS Kyoto's Profile

What is a team principle?

Get ourselves higher on consistent instruction and education through triathlon experiences.
Grow to a top triathlete who can compete to the world with the whole team.
Aim for the Olympic medalist and winning international competitions.

What is attractive point of AS Kyoto?

One of the few teams in Japan professionally trains triathletes of elites to kids.
Taking advantage of Kyoto's excellent exercise environment to the fullest, it has been active aiming at “from Kyoto to the world” with full enjoyment of triathlon and a lot of supports from people.
Recently, trainees from overseas visited to seek their superior instructions and practicing environment. Their activities have been more and more international.

Team members

*at September 12, 2017

<Elite>JTU-Certified Elite Triathlete
Koki Yamamoto (3rd year of Ritsumeikan University)
151st in ITU rankings
Genta Uchida (3rd year of Kansai University)
165th in ITU rankings
Nanami Nakayama (3rd year of Kyoto Otokuni High School)
135th in ITU rankings
Misaki Kago (Nara University of Education)
294th in ITU rankings
<Junior Elite>JTU-Certified Junior Triathlete
Teppei Tokuyama (3rd year of Kyoto Katsuragawa Junior High School)
Won in Japan U15 Championships 2017
<Junior, Trainee>
5 JTU-Certified Junior Triathletes
8 Trainees

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