Aichi Dione's Profile

What is a team slogan?

°»Be Loved, Be with Aichi citizens, Connect with Aichi°…
Aichi Dione is based on Aichi and we encourage Japan from Aichi.
Aichi Dione means °»Sky queen°…, our team color is blue which means °»sky blue°….
The sky means all over the world and connect forever.
We rouse Women°«s baseball together as one.

What is attractive point of Aichi Dione?

°»Defense°… is our key point of making undefeated team.
We aim to win back queen title in new place Aichi.
Nana Sasanuma(#22) joined Aichi Dione from this year who is the fastest southpaw pitcher as fast as our team°«s ace Ayami Sato and our pitcher members were power-up and Koharu Nishiyama who was promoted from training team °»Reia°… and our defense got power-up.
We rearrange °»defense°… and aim to Japan Series Queen.

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