What is XSurge™?

XSurge™: A new ingredient for recovery drawn athletes' attention

Athletes always have to handle fatigue to maintain good performances. Their intense exercise generates the active oxygen, which is a cause of fatigue in their body.
So athletes look for something supports to reduce the accumulated active oxygen and lead to recovery: XSurge™ was born.

XSurge™ is a sports nutrition ingredient formulated with catechins and theaflavins!

XSurge™ is formulated with catechins and theaflavins, which are polyphenols*.They have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which effect and support suppressing inflammation of damaged muscles. Caffeine and manganese, the ingredients that athletes need, are also contained in XSurge™. Since caffeine has an arousal effect, it is said that it activates the brain and relieves fatigue. In addition, it is known that shortage of manganese causes muscle cramps.

*Polyphenols are highly antioxidant ingredients.

Do you know how muscle fatigue is caused?

It is caused by the active oxygen!

You know the feeling: You're in a great workout routine but suddenly, your results start to decline, and fatigue is relentless.
It was once believed that lactic acid was the cause of muscle fatigue. However, in recent years, it has become known that the cause of fatigue is not lactic acid, but active oxygen is deeply involved.
Oxygen is essential for human beings to survive, but it is said that about 2% of oxygen turn to be active oxygen when incorporating it into the body. Intense exercise takes in much oxygen, so the amount of active oxygen generated also increases. While active oxygen has good aspects such as removing bacteria that have invaded into the body, it can also cause damage to muscles, skin, etc. by attacking cells and DNA if it is generated excessively.
Muscle damage and inflammation caused by exercise strengthen the antioxidant system by performing intensive exercise, and can create a body that is resistant to fatigue. However, at the time of exercise, a large amount of active oxygen is likely to be generated due to breathing during exercise, mental / physical pressure, injury / inflammation, body temperature rise, blood movement, etc., resulting in a decrease in chronic fatigue and athletic performance.

Intense training → much oxygen is required → unprocessable active oxygen is generated in the body

To prevent this, it is necessary to remove excessively generated active oxygen or to prevent the generation of active oxygen.

Why XSurge™ draws attention?

A new ingredient for fatigue recovery and fatigue prevention developed for athlete!

XSurge™ is an ingredient developed for fatigue recovery and fatigue prevention in America, the most advanced country in sports science. It's made from a 100% natural ingredient blended the extracts of green and black tea from the premium tea leaves cultivated in southern India.
XSurge™ mainly contains catechins and theaflavins from green tea and black tea. Their strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects would help workout recovery and performance by reducing the feeling of fatigue caused by exercise and promoting relief of muscle soreness.

Where is the Origin of XSurge™?

Niligiri Hills, one of the largest tea production areas

India is the world's largest tea producer, famous for tea leaves harvested in the Assam region in the northeastern part and the Darjeeling region. In addition, the Nilgiri region (holding Nilgiri Hills) of the highland of South India at an altitude of 1,800 m is also known as a famous tea production area. Its mild climate, plentiful rainfall and sunshine grow the high quality tea leaves, which have rich aroma and mild taste. XSurge™ is extracted from the precious shoot leaves (silver tips) containing more polyphenols and amino acids than common tea leaves.

▲Nilgiri Hills in southern India

▲he material of XSurge™ Camellia sinensis

How is XSurge™ manufactured?

XSurge™ is 100% naturally-sourced!

extraction facility and evaporated moisture by natural drying. Dried tea leaves are crushed finely by a crusher and then sifted repeatedly to sort only fine particles. This process makes the green tea extract which is the source of XSurge™, and another process of fermentation and aging turns it the black tea extract.
XSurge™ is a mixture of green tea extract and black tea extract in a special blending ratio and contains much catechins and theaflavins.

▼After harvest, how is XSurge™ manufactured?